Maria Princess of Stolberg-Wernigerode

Utilisation Plan

The following considerations are an outline of the envisaged utilisation.

The former Benedictine abbey will be developed as a place of contemplation.

To this end, facilities will be created in the abbey to make the following possible:

- Contemplation under the guidance of both Christian denominations to offer at least a temporary retreat from the bustle of our modern world for introspection

- A programme of educational and spiritual-historical seminars and courses (for instance Cistercians and Benedictines in the Harz region)

- Exhibitions, events and conferences

- Concerts

- Meeting place for musicians

- Lectures on the history of the Harz region in cooperation with the Harzverein für Geschichte und Altertumskunde [Harz Association of History and Archaeology]

- Courses in music-making and painting under expert guidance

- Master classes for art and painting

- Master classes for soloists and choirs

- Workshops for literature and theatre